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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:00 am 
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Here is the link to launch the new client. Before you click on the link, please read below.

1. This is a BETA Intel ONLY client.
2. This is a completely NEW install. It installs into Users/*user/Applications and is named "EverQuest Mac". This is a package, so you will only see one file unless you do a show contents on the file by right clicking on the file and selecting Show Contents.
3. All logs and settings are written to Users/*user/Library/Application Support/EverQuest.
4. You will need OSX 10.5 or greater to run the updater.
5. The download has been tested with Safari, Chrome, and FireFox, but individuals may encounter issues using any of the three. If you run into difficulty with one browser, try a different one.
6. After the download has completed, you can drag drag the "EverQuest Mac" application to the doc and launch it from there. It will open your default browser to the link below.
[Utdaan: I use FireFox to launch EQ and don't use that browser for anything else just to make things easier.]

Here is the link…

This will install the SOE Web Installer. After this is run, refresh the webpage, as it needs to download and install a plugin. Sometimes this fails to visually show on the webpage. If nothing happens for awhile, just click on your desktop and then back to the browser.
Sometimes the download bar doesn't update or it will remain on the gray initializing screen. Just click on your desktop and then back to the browser.
The download is just under 2gb.
[From Utdaan: I've seen one failure point for getting the game files to download and that is the SOE Web Installer not actually installing after download. Look in your Downloads folder and manually run the patcher. Then, go back and launch the above link again. The download should function.]

Please enjoy the new client!

Todd Schmidt
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Added new official LP4 client link that everyone should now be using....hint hint hint...

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:45 am 
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FAQ's And Common problems

What Mac do I need in order to use the new Intel EverQuest Mac Client?
Currently, any Intel processor Macintosh running OSX 10.5.x or greater is required.

I don't have a Station Account. Do I need to get one to play EverQuest Mac?
Yes, all SOE games require a Station Account to play. Creating one is easy! When you first open the new LaunchPad, click on the link that says Create Account (see the screenshot further down) and follow the steps. It will create a new Station Account and trigger the launchpad to start the download of the game files.

I'm not sure that EverQuest Mac is right for me. Is there a trial period where I can try things out?
As of February 2012, EverQuest Mac has been moved to Free to Play by SOE. No SOE Marketplace or any other hidden fees. Just log in the LP4 Client with your Station ID/Password and download the EQMac game files. If you don't currently have a Station Account, you can create one by clicking on the link in the Launchpad.

I already have a Station Account that I use for other SOE games. How can I flag that account for EverQuest Mac?
Once you launch the new LaunchPad in your browser and complete the plug-in download, just log in with the Station Account you wish to use for EverQuest Mac and the LaunchPad will automatically flag that account for EverQuest Mac.

I can't get the client to download. It just sits there Initializing.
Click the desktop, then back into the browser window. This is a known issue with Safari and can occur with other browsers as well. Try leaving the patcher as the front tab in its own window, and then doing your browsing in another window or on a different browser. If it still shows as Initializing and never starts downloading, try using a different browser to download the client.
Download Firefox: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/products/download.html
Download Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome/?brand=EC ... s-no-promo

How can I edit these .ini files?
In your Applications folder there is an application named TextEdit. You can also right click on the .ini file you with to open and select Open With and select TextEdit if it is listed, or Other… and then choose TextEdit as the default application for these types of files. Remember to save the file when you are finished editing. All editing must be done without the game running.

I don't use a US keyboard layout since I live in Europe. How can I make things to work with my keyboard?
In the Users/*user/Library/Application Support/EverQuest folder, you'll find the file named keyboard.txt. Use TextEdit to open the file and follow the instructions in the first post on this link: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=3598
(none of the links to player made keymaps in that thread are working. You will need to edit your own at this time.)

How do I add a custom UI? Where is the uifiles folder located?
The UI (and all zone and music) files are located inside of the EverQuest Mac.app located at Users/*user/Applications. In order to view the files, just right click on the .app and select Show Package Contents. You will see a few folders and files. Open the Resources folder and all of the zone files will be shown. Inside of this folder is another folder named UIfiles. Place your custom UI folder inside of this one. Do not delete or place UI files into the Default folder. Once you do this, locate your UI_xxx_52.ini file and edit the "UISkin=Default" line. Change Default to the name of your custom UI folder name.

I've added a custom UI into my UIFiles folder, but I can't switch to it in game. How can I change my UI?
Currently the Load UI Skin selection in the Options UI window is not functioning. The best way to do this is to edit the UI_xxx_52.ini file for your character. Open it with TextEdit and look for the following line: UISkin=xxx (If you are using the Default UI, you'll see UISkin=Default). Change the name to the name of the custom UI folder and save the file. UI folder names should not contain a space. If your custom UI folder name located inside the UIFiles folder does contain a space, remove the space or substitute a - or _ character in its place. Your window positions will remain, and depending on how the custom UI is built you may need to reorganize your windows in game. You can also type in any chat window the following command if you know the exact name of the UI folder.

/loadskin uifilename 1

uifilename will be the exact name of the UI, such as poweroftwo or basictk, etc. The 1 will keep the current window locations you have currently set up. If you forget to type in the 1, all windows will be reset to their default settings.

I want to play multiple characters at once. How can I do this?
Your characters will need to be located on separate Station Accounts. Also, there are currently some "tricks" involved to get multiple instances of the client up and running. Instructions are detailed here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11247

I want to play in Windowed mode. How can I do this?
Open the eqclient.ini file and look for WindowedMode=FALSE. Change FALSE to TRUE and save the file. Your game resolution must be set to a smaller ratio than your desktop settings. If you don't find that line in the eqclient.ini, add WindowedMode=TRUE on its own line under the [Defaults] section.

I'm having difficulties with the application/client crashing or not loading. What can I do to make sure the files are correct?
The LP4 client has the option to validate the install.


Click on the icon that the red arrow is pointing towards, then select Validate Game Assets. Click the Validate button to start the process.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:52 am 
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For returning/current players of EverQuest Mac, here are additional instructions for finding and moving/copying UI and .ini files for your characters from the old client to the new.

First, locate your old EverQuest folder and open the Game folder located inside. Copy or move the following files to your desktop or another temporary folder. You can copy the files by right clicking on the file and then selecting the option that says Copy "xxx" (xxx is the name of whatever file you are copying). Then click on your desktop or in the opened temp folder and then right click and select Paste Item. Do this for all of your characters:

eqclient.ini <-- you only have one of these
(xxx = character name)

Next, if you use a custom UI, locate the uifiles folder. Open it and copy or move the custom UI's to the desktop or temp folder. Make sure you select the entire folder (eg.. poweroftwo folder). Don't move or copy the Default folder. Doing this before you download the new Intel Mac client will make things easier.

Now, locate the EverQuest Mac.app or EverQuest Mac Test.app in the Applications folder (Users/*user/Applications). Right click on the app and select Show Package Contents. Open the Contents folder and then Resources folder. Look for the UIFiles folder and move your custom UI folders into this. You can now close the EverQuest Mac (Test) window.

Next, go to Users/*user/Library/Application Support/EverQuest

If you are running OSX 10.7.x or greater, you may not see your Library folder since it is hidden. Do one of the following to show the folder:

1. Open Terminal (application located in your Utilities folder)
Copy the following:

sudo chflags nohidden ~/Library

and paste in to the terminal window
Library folder should now be accessible.

2. Keep the [OPTION]-key pressed and then select Go>Library from the menu bar. (Option key on a Mac keyboard, Alt key on a PC keyboard)

Once you locate the EverQuest folder, move all of your character .ini files and the eqclient.ini into this folder.
Note that this location is where you will also find your character log files (PlayerLogs folder) if you have logging turned on in game, and any screenshots you take in game (Screenshots folder).

If you have any hotbuttons or keymaps that use the [ character, you will need to edit the eqclient.ini file so that nothing under [KeyMaps] in the file uses the [ character. The new client doesn't like seeing the [ and will cause the client to crash when launching your character. For example:


Notice the use of [ in KEYMAP_HOT6=[ You would need to map it to a different character to activate that hotbutton.

In addition, if you use messages with the [ character, such as a pull message (Incoming [ %T ]), you will need to change or remove the brackets which would be located in your xxx_52.ini file. (again, xxx=character name)

If you find any errors in the FAQ or this post, please PM me stating what I wrote and what it should be.
Locking this thread to make sure that all instructions are immediately accessable.

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